Political Abilities: The Sense of Subjectification

As various scholars of Social and Political Theory suggest, there is reason to assume that in contemporary situations practices of subjectification tend to become diffuse, if not incapacitated. These concerns are politically disturbing insofar as they call into question the chances of generating and articulating passionate demands for democratic change.

In what sense(s) are those who are living in or who are exposed to precarious conditions capable of presenting themselves as political subjects? How could we actually make sense of subjectification considering the risks posed in contemporary situations?

In the wake of recent events that are visibly challenging the assumption of a general trend towards postdemocratic states of resignation, the symposium Political Abilities: The Sense of Subjectification, held by the University of Innsbruck in cooperation with Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, provides a temporary space for scholars and activists to explore, criticize and discuss the (historical and actual) sense of subjectification. In this sense, the symposium is striving to provide and assess diverse accounts of political abilities at times that are, apparently, eventful.